See what Canadians have said

The Alliance for an Inclusive and Accessible Canada (the Alliance) is a group of disability organizations. We are consulting Canadians about the Government of Canada’s proposed federal accessibility law. Our member and partner organizations.

The Government of Canada has committed to adopting a strong federal accessibility law. This law will help remove and prevent barriers facing people with disabilities. The Government has been meeting with Canadians across the country to get input about this law.

The Alliance is also consulting Canadians about their accessibility priorities.

In the following reports, the Alliance shares what it has heard to date:

Phase 1 Report (PDF)

Phase 2 Report Canadians Speak Up: Consultation Results on Proposed Accessibility Legislation in Canada (PDF)

Promoting Accessibility Through Legislative Reform: A Review of Disability Law in Canada (PDF)

Report on Interviews Conducted for the Alliance for an Inclusive and Accessible Canada (PDF)

Consulting Canadians about the New Federal Accessibility Law: Final Report (PDF)